Our South African Journal

Thursday, June 9, 2016

May 22-28

On Sunday our fears were confirmed. Brother Mkubo has passed away. He was a courageous man and a good person.

On Monday we spent the morning trying to help a young couple that really need jobs. We took them to the Police Station to get some papers certified and then to a copy shop to FAX some papers. Finally we brought them to our house so they could email some job applications. We hope they find work soon.
They left this sweet note on our refrigerator.

 Later we went to the Cottage Meeting and then we had Family Home Evening. Our FHEs are crazy now because we have so many missionaries and a lot of Young Single Adults are coming out to our gatherings. They are hectic but we love them.

Some of our Family Home Evening family

We had DDM on Wednesday. They made me lead the music because they know I am trying to learn how to conduct. I did a terrible job.

We went out to the school and did stomp rocks with grade eight. When we were leaving Elder Hind tossed a paper rocket to one of the kids and before we knew what was happening a whole bunch of little kids were mobbing him and trying to get the rockets out of the box he was holding. For a moment we thought they were going to knock us down. Elder Hind reached out and grabbed my hand because he was worried I was going down. But we held our ground and Elder Hind spoke sternly to them and they calmed down. These kids are normally very well behaved but I guess when you are very poor even a stupid paper rocket is a big deal.

We offered to take a family portrait for a couple that we are teaching marriage lessons. All we have is a little point-and-shoot Cannon. We gave it a try and took several pictures of their cute family. As we went through them we could see that we had made some mistakes. But fortunately there were a few that weren’t too bad. We will get some printed up for them and if there is one they really like we can get it enlarged.

Thursday evening we went to Brother Mkubo’s house for songs and prayers. We met some of his family. We told them how much we loved him.

On Friday we said, “Good-bye” to Elder Agyeman.  It was time for him to go home to Ghana. I know he was excited to go home but he will be missed here.

Brother Mkubo's funeral was held on Saturday. It was all in Zulu except for some of the hymns and Elder Hind’s talk. Elder Hind was honored to speak at the funeral and I think he did a very nice job. We went out to the cemetery and Elder Hind dedicated the grave and helped shovel the dirt into the grave. Afterwards we went to Bro Mkubo’s house and had a nice dinner. Everyone treats us so well. When we went to say goodbye to the old ladies of his family many of them wanted a hug and a kiss. I feel so loved.

They don't take pictures at funerals here so I just took a picture
of the cemetery 

On Saturday evening the elders met at our house for transfer news. There were some surprises. Elder Chitate and Elders Mears are moving after only one transfer here. Elder Harper and Elder Cook are staying and we thought they would probably go. And Elder Jena is coming back. He was here when we first came. He only has a few weeks of his mission left so he will be gone soon.


  1. I think you did a great job with the pictures! I'm sorry you lost a friend :(

  2. I'm sad to hear about Bro Mkubo.