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Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 5 – 11

I taught the Young Women class on Sunday. I am trying to get them to work on their Personal Progress. It is slow going. They like the classes and activities but are not great about following through. But I love them and pray that their testimonies will grow and that they will become great and faithful women and mothers.

Elder Hind with some of my young women.
We had our usual busy Monday. We try to use Monday as our house cleaning and doing the wash day. Sometimes it doesn’t happen because we have other things to do. However we were able to get some things done this day before we had to go to the Cottage Meeting.
The welcoming committee in Madadeni
 Elder Hind taught FHE. He talked about the Watchman on the Tower. Our FHE kids had fun taking pictures with our camera.

Elder Hind's watchman on the tower.
This is Lucy. We have told her we have a granddaughter named Lucy
This is Elder Smith with Lucy. Elder Smith is from Johannesburg

This is what happens when the FHE kids get a hold of our camera
The girls love having their pictures taken with the elders

We had so much fun out at the school this week. We decided to teach the kids how to play kickball. The boys all play soccer but the girls need more sports to play.  Anyway we had a great time teaching them how to play this simple game. They had a tendency to make up their own rules but they enjoyed themselves. Some of the elders came by and played soccer with the boys.

Elder Hind teaching the finer points of Kickball

We had to drive to Ladysmith this week to take an elder to the doctor and to see about getting a vaccination for another elder down there. We also met with a young man who is going on a mission and is working on getting a visa for Angola. We sure miss the other senior couple that used to work in Ladysmith. Our work load is much bigger now they are gone.

We had ZTM this week. We didn’t make lunch this time so that made things a bit easier. We still brought fruit and muffins for the elders. We HAVE to feed them something.

This elder got a bonus in his banana
 We went to Dundee on Tuesday and Friday to teach our Seminary and Institute classes. We find we are really enjoying teaching these kids. They are so fun and smart and committed to learning.
Sister Hind's Institute class
Elder Hind's seminary class
We are both teaching the Old Testament
This is Elder Hind's Ark of the Covenant


  1. Hello Sister Hind,
    We haven't heard from elder Cook in two weeks! I'm sure he's okay or we would have heard something. I suppose his emails have gotten lost in cyberspace. That happened once before. Tell him we are worried about him and that we love him.

    His missionary mama 😄

    1. Elder Cook is fine. I will let him know that you haven't heard from him.

  2. You both must be so much busier just with teaching the classes in Dundee. I know you love teaching and you're good at so I'm not worried about it.