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Monday, June 6, 2016

May 15-21, 2016

This Sunday was NOT a day of rest for us. President Zackrison came to do some interviews and he spoke in both Madadeni 1 and 2 Sacrament meetings. We always like to see him and hear his talks. Elder Hind had to speak in Sacrament Meeting also. We had planned a District Presidency dinner for this day before we knew the mission president was coming. We would have loved for him to have dinner with us but unfortunately his heavy schedule of interviews would not allow it. So we sent him some roast beef sandwiches. Elder Hind was busy with the president a good part of the afternoon so I had to prepare dinner by myself. I was nervous about the roast because I have not cooked a large sirloin roast in a long time. It turned out perfect, if I do say so myself. Along with the roast we had mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted green beans, salad and rolls. And brownies and ice cream for dessert. Just a good old fashioned American Sunday dinner. Our District Presidency seemed to enjoy it.

This dinner was planned as a sort of farewell dinner for the Taylors. They are going home in a couple of weeks. Their daughter who just got home from a mission to Hong Kong is coming to join them for these last weeks.

The missionaries came by for our usual Sunday devotional so by the time they left we were DONE!

On Wednesday we went out to our school with all the missionaries and they played soccer with the boys out there. They had a good time. The elders were surprised at how good of a game these youngsters gave them. The final score was 1 to 1.

This is Elder Agyeman. He just went home to Ghana. He is a good player.

The school boys are in the blue and gray the elders are in the colorful attire.
Plus the elders have soccer shoes and the school boys play barefoot.

One day went to see Brother Mkubo in the hospital. He did not look good. He seemed very weak. I laid my hand on his and he said he was happy someone had come to hold his hand. He said he was very cold so Elder Hind tucked the blankets around him. We stayed until he fell asleep. When Elder Hind and President Mashego went by to see him a couple of days later his bed was empty and had been stripped. When they asked the nurse where he was she just told them they would have to speak to the family. They knew what that meant. Our friend had gone home to his Heavenly Father.

Brother Mkubo is the one in the middle
An old picture from the 90s.  Brother Mkubo with an elder from the US
They had just baptized these kids.

Elder and Sister Taylor have been teaching Seminary and Institute in Dundee and have a very faithful group of students. Since they are going home they really hated to leave those kids without teachers.  They asked us if we would be willing to teach them. We were a little hesitant as Elder Hind is so busy with district business and meetings. But we really like to teach so we told them we would do it until the Taylor’s replacements got here in August. So on Friday we drove to Dundee (about 45 minutes from home) and met the students and learned about what we would be teaching. Elder Hind is going to teach the Seminary class and I will be teaching the Institute class. We will be teaching Old Testament. Elder Hind’s class is half way through the Old Testament and my class is just starting Genesis. We are a little intimidated by the subject matter but we do hard things here all the time. We will learn along with the kids.

Elder and Sister Taylor with their Dundee Seminary and Institute classes.

Having punch and brownies for an after class treat. Sister Taylor is famous for her brownies.
I hope my brownies don't disappoint them.

On Saturday we went to Madadeni for a Seminary and Institute program. This was the Taylor’s final get together with the students and teachers in this area. They are finding it hard to say good-bye but it is time for them to go home. They have been very dedicated and hard -working missionaries. We have been strengthened by their testimonies. They will be greatly missed by everyone but particularly by us because they have been our mentors and our support ever since we got here.

Because they are leaving we will have some additional responsibilities so we can’t wait until their replacements get here. It is going to be a very hectic couple of months.

Some of the Seminary and Institute students 

Having refreshments


  1. Whoa! So do you go and teach these classes every day?

    1. No, we teach twice a week for two hours.