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Thursday, December 17, 2015

We spent Saturday night at Ardmore Farm so we went to church at the Ladysmith Branch because it was only an hour away. It was nice because there were several other senior couples there also. Then we went to church in Madadeni. We sat in on a special meeting with the youth. The area is planning a big youth conference for March and they are trying to get the word out so that the youth can start saving and preparing for the conference. 

As usual Elder Hind is very much in demand by the leadership in both the Madadeni branches. He is always on the go when we are at church. They always want his help and his input.

We did boarding and car checks this week. The missionaries told me that I am pretty easy on them compared to some of the other senior sisters. I told them that I should probably get tougher. They begged me not to change.

We had our Eternal Marriage class this week and we talked about making Jesus Christ the foundation of their marriage. These kids are afraid of marriage so we reminded them that the scriptures are full of the phrases, “be not afraid, do not fear, and be of good cheer". They have so few examples of successful marriages.

Transfer news is coming on Saturday and we know that we will lose half our missionaries. Three are going home and one is certain to be transferred because he has been here six months. They wanted to get together and have lunch so they asked if they could have it at our house. We had sandwiches, chips, watermelon, brownies and soda. It was nice to be with all of them. They are such good kids.

We caught Elder Benisson with a mouth full food.

Saying good bye to Elder Faganello who is going home to Canada
Saying good bye to Elder Payne who is also going home to Canada

We went to 3 Christmas parties on Saturday. First, we went to the Newcastle District Party, then we went to the Madadeni 1 Christmas party and then we drove out to Dundee so Elder Hind could play Father Christmas out there.

Madadeni 1 Primary Children
Elder passing out gifts to the children

Thanks! Anderson Family

We have been to all the branches in the District except Dundee. It is an hour away and on the way to nowhere. The branch president called Elder Hind to ask if he would play Father Christmas and pass out treats to the children. The president wanted someone that the children wouldn't know. They even had a santa suit for him to wear. Elder Hind accepted so we added one more party to Saturday. The Dundee Chapel is in a converted garage and the offices and classrooms are in a big old house.  It was unusual but much nicer than meeting in a school.  We really had fun there.

Saturday night is transfer news so we hurried home so the missionaries can come over and get the news. We always have a few treats for them on these nights. We know this is going to be the biggest change we have had in our area since we have been here. We figured Elder Benissan would be leaving us and we were right, he is heading to the coast, Port Dunford. We will be getting 4 new missionaries (including one new greenie) in our area and 7 in the zone. Only one companionship in the entire zone will stay intact. There are a lot of changes but no surprises. Everyone seemed happy with their new companions. Elder Benissan is a little nervous. Newcastle was his first area and he has been pretty content. But he is a great missionary so we are not worried for him. He is just one of those guys that will do great wherever he goes.

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  1. I can't imagine your lax with the missionaries and their housekeeping. You weren't with me!

    So glad Dad didn't have to wear a heavy duty Santa suit with it being summer and all.

    It's been cold here so I look at you in your sandals and want to put boots on you.