Our South African Journal

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It was a good Sunday because there were lots of baptisms and we got to see some of them. We try to go to all of them but a lot of times we have other obligations. This week however we left Madadeni right after church and headed to the Newcastle branch. We got to see two women baptized. These ladies have been coming to our FHE the last few weeks so it was good to see them take the plunge.
We took some pictures with Elder Benissan because this is his last Sunday here. We are really going to miss him. We hope to see him again sometime. He has a standing invitation to come and stay with us in Utah.

Elder Weiler and Elder Benissan with the ladies they baptized
We love Elder Benissan. 
Then we headed back to Madadeni to see some more baptisms. One was a man the elders have been working with a long time. We went with the elders one time when they were teaching him. Anyway we got to the church too late to see him baptized but we saw an 8 year old baptized. She was really scared but they got it done.

We are shorthanded right now because so many elders have left. Two of them were driving elders. So Elder Hind went out with the Madadeni elders on Sunday afternoon so he could drive them to their appointments. Sister Hind went home and took a nap.

Tuesday some of our new elders came in. We are looking forward to getting to know them better.

Elder Nyirenda
Elder Larsen
Elder Sixaba

Elder Fransen, the greenie
Wednesday was the Newcastle Branch Christmas party. Elder Hind led the music and Sister Hind gave a brief talk on why we celebrate Christmas. Then we ate good food and handed out gifts to the children. Another new elder (our greenie) showed up just as we were leaving the party.

After the party we went Christmas shopping for the kids in the Madadeni hospital. Then we went home and got everything wrapped.

Thursday we went out to the hospital. It was so fun. We saw some big smiles. The nurses were all cheering as we went from bed to bed handing out gifts, talking to the patients and taking pictures. I went around with a big lump in my throat. I could hardly speak. We passed out about 20 gifts. At the end the elders sang “Silent Night”. It felt so good! Thank you Anderson Family and all your friends and neighbors. You brought some joy into the lives of these children.

The head nurse with one of the patients

Friday we had our Eternal Marriage class at our house. We had a lesson on adjusting to marriage. We did some role playing and it was really fun. We always have fun and interesting discussions with this group. After the class we had a braai and then we played Elder Hind’s version of corn hole. It was a good evening.

Saturday was the Madadeni Branch 2 Christmas party. They had a santa suit for Elder Hind. He loves playing the part. The children were so good and so cute. We have loved handing out gifts to them. We kind of hate seeing it end. After the party we had to go shopping again for the Osizweni Branch. We have been shopping for gifts as we give them away. It was too hard to figure what we needed ahead of time and we didn’t want to end up with a lot of extra gifts.
Elder Hind stirring the Pap. It takes some muscle.
The Braai is men's work
Sister Hind and friends
Father Christmas

We had a FHE with one of our favorite families in the evening. When we were driving home we were treated to an absolutely spectacular thunderstorm! Not a lot of water but a great sound and light show.   
The missionaries all came by to practice a Christmas Carol for the Multi Zone Christmas party next week. It was very nice to listen to them sing while I wrapped presents.


  1. You sound like me (probably where I got it from). I can't do something nice for someone without getting choked up about it. Love seeing all your pictures!

  2. Cute little Father Christmas.