Our South African Journal

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We visited Newcastle Branch this week so we could teach the Sabbath Observance lessons. Elder Welling shared his testimony as this was his last Sunday here. Newcastle Branch will miss him.

Elder Welling saying good bye to some Newcastle Branch members

On Monday Elder Welling came over to say good bye to us. The Zone Leaders are driving him to Ladysmith so he can catch the bus to Bethlehem. We will miss him. He was a lot of fun.

Saying good bye to Elder Welling.  He makes me feel little.

We said Good bye to Elder Leonard Monday evening. He does not make me feel little.

Elder Gant came by with his dad and brother. He was expecting his Dad to come but his older brother was a complete surprise. We went to lunch with them and had a nice visit. They are going to spend the rest of the day and tomorrow visiting members in Osizweni.

Elder Gant was the missionary who got my chicken sign for me.

Elder Gant with his dad and brother
We had Elder Payne and Elder Merile come in on the bus on Tuesday and Elder Leonard headed to Durban that same day. We just have to wait for Elder Weiler to come and the transfer shake up will be over.

Elder Payne

Elder Merile
A sister in Madadeni 1 Branch called us one day and asked if we could pick her up in town because she needed to talk to us. So we went and got her and brought her to our house for a visit. She is a very educated and active woman who is currently studying for a law degree. She is also active in the community and her pet project is a school in Newcastle. The children in this school live in a squatter’s settlement which is comprised of tin shacks that have no running water or electricity. They are the poorest of the poor. She wants to help these kids as much as possible. She is particularly interested in the girls as they are especially vulnerable. She is overwhelmed by what needs to be done.
We have been wanting a community project to add to our work here. This was an answer to a prayer. We committed to two mornings a week. We arranged to go out to the school on Wednesday and meet the principal and some of the children.  It was an eye opening experience! After visiting the school and briefly talking to some of the children we went to our house and began planning out the next two months. School will be out all December so we are hoping to get some people together to paint some of the rooms in the school. But there are broken windows and broken desks. So much to do.

Yes those are maxipads they are holding. We brought them some and you would
have thought it was Christmas.

Lunch is rice and beans

Elder Benisson came by with his new greenie Elder Wieler from Bountiful, Utah. His suit is still sharp, his shoes are still polished and his shirts are still white. Yep, he is green.

Obviously, a companionship made in heaven
Saturday we had a Seminary and Institute training meeting. We had to share a spiritual or uplifting experience we have had while teaching. We have only been teaching a few weeks but it has been a good experience and we had some thoughts to share.

Another beautiful South African cloud


  1. Working with the school for children seems like it will be a very rewarding experience. I'm glad your prayers were answered on this.

  2. I agree. Sounds like a lot of (REWARDING) work.

  3. I agree. Sounds like a lot of (REWARDING) work.