Our South African Journal

Friday, April 3, 2015

Our first night in Africa we spent in a lovely bed and breakfast in Durban. It was sure nice to sleep in a bed and have a hot shower. The B & B was run by a nice British lady and so we had a good rib sticking English breakfast.

Our first wild animal. Well maybe not so wild.

After breakfast we were picked up and brought to the mission office and given some papers and a lot of information that I didn't remember for more than 5 minutes. I think I have asked the same questions about 5 different times. But everyone has been very patient with me. Then we went to the mission presidents home. We all piled into his mini van a drove a couple of hours to the Drakensberg Mountains and to the Champagne Castle resort.
This is where we stayed

Some of the boys from the choir posing for us.

As soon as we got there we went to a concert at an exclusive choir school for boys. The first part of the concert was classic and popular music and the last half was African folk music. It was wonderful! Richard was in heaven because he loves African music. The boys were very disciplined but as you can see from our pictures they are just boys when they aren't performing.

After the concert we went to our rooms and got settled and then went to dinner. THE FOOD!! Every meal is served buffet style and there are a lot of selections. After dinner some of the seniors wanted to play games but Elder Hind and I just went to bed.


  1. Wow! It looks like you guys have stayed in some really nice places!

  2. Wow! It looks like you guys have stayed in some really nice places!