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Friday, October 14, 2016

Sept 11 – 17, 2016

We attended two Sacrament Meetings today. We needed to go to Newcastle and then we went to Madadeni Branch 1. We met Elder and Sister Rhodes at Madadeni Chapel. They are still finding their way around here and meeting all the people.

Newcastle Branch Primary

Madadeni 1 Primary

After church they came to our house and had dinner with us. We had a nice time visiting with them. They are going to have their hands full when we go. They are really going to miss us.
On Tuesday the carpet cleaner came and did our carpets. We want to leave the house clean and welcoming for the next senior couple.  We have done a little more packing, cleaning and de-junking. Time is flying by!

We went out to the Ncandu School for the last time this week. We had been given a few church hygiene kits and there were a few hygiene kits here in our boarding so with the last bit of money from the Anderson Family we were able to put together 70 kits. We took them out to the school and gave one to each of the eighth grade kids.

With Miss Gemma, 8th grade teacher

We also visited Sister Smith this week. She is an octogenarian member of Newcastle Branch. She can’t get to church much anymore but the Relief Society sisters visit her often and bring her food and do a little cleaning in her apartment. We enjoy our visits with her. She is very talkative and loves to discuss the gospel and tell stories about her life. She grew up in Rhodesia (which is now Zimbabwe) and she had an interesting childhood. She told us about learning to ride a motorcycle. Her friends and her used to catch young crocodiles and bring them home on their motorcycles.

Sister Smith

We brought a mission call to a young man in Madadeni 1 Branch. He has been called to Botswana.

We got word that President Nkosi passed away. We were not surprised as he looked so weak the last time we saw him. But we are saddened by his passing. He was such a good and kind man. He had been our Branch President until a few weeks ago when he had to be released because of his failing health. We loved him. He will be greatly missed. We went to his house to give his wife our condolences and love.  His funeral will be held while we are away. We are heartbroken we can’t be there.

Elder Hind with Brother Makumbo and President Nkosi
Both of these fine men passed away while we were on mission
The Woods (housing and finance couple in the office) came to stay with us to check out a possible boarding for the missionaries in Osizweni and to look at the current missionary boardings. The Osizweni elders would like to live out there where they work. But the house they found is not going to work. Whatever they find is going to have to be in good condition and very secure. This house is neither.

We went to dinner with the Woods at Pint and Pig Out. We like that place and were glad to go one last time.

We don’t have much time left here. There are a bunch of things that need to be finished up. Especially for Elder Hind. I like to tell Elder Hind that this has been his mission. He was asked by President Zackrison to help the branches and wards get their finances in order. He has helped them apply and qualify for a church program that can get all the branches out of the red financially. He got word a week ago that everyone is out of the red now. He has also pushed for a district auditing committee which is now doing its work and we just received word that all the audits have been finished. He has instituted regular financial training for all the branch and district leadership. We now have leaders in the branches and district that are committed to staying in budget.

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