Our South African Journal

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We prayed our way through this Sunday. It was stressful but prayers were answered. We were scheduled to drive to Ezhekeni for the Southern portion of the District Conference on Sunday. But on Saturday night we felt that we should stay and help with the Northern portion of the District Conference. We got permission from President Ngubane to skip the southern meeting. The plan was to have the northern conference in a rented hall at a school so some chairs and a podium and the electric organ all needed to be moved over to the hall. We went to the school at 10:30 to prepare for a two o’clock meeting but the security guard at the school had no information about our rental. She did not have a key to the hall and wasn’t sure about who to contact. She gave us some phone numbers but no one answered.

Meanwhile the sound guy showed up to set up the sound system. The missionaries came with their bakkies loaded with chairs. The district choir showed up early in order to rehearse. Everyone is standing around waiting for us to find a key. The security guard was upset and feeling a little overwhelmed. One of the members in our branch started to talk to her and calmed her down because he was able to communicate with her in her own language. We were given more phone numbers and we let our helper make the calls. We were finally able to reach the Assistant Principal who had the key but needed a ride to the school. She lives in Newcastle. By this time we have less than an hour before the meeting.

The District Choir practicing while waiting to get into the hall.
Some of the missionaries and their bakkie.
We drove to Newcastle, picked up the principal and brought her to Madadeni. She unlocked the hall and we set the missionaries and members to setting up the chairs and other things. By this time it is a quarter to two. The principal needed a ride home so we took her home. The hall was all set up and ready to go by the time the leadership showed up. We, ourselves, were fifteen minutes late for the meeting. The District Presidency and President and Sister Zackrison never knew there were problems until we told them later. We know the Lord inspired us to stay in this area and make sure things went well. I don’t know what would have happened if we had gone to the southern meeting.
A new District Presidency was installed during conference. Elder Hind will be working closely with these men. He is looking forward to his association with them.

Elders horsing around after conference
The day turned rainy so the sisters brought out their umbrellas
On Monday we had a special training meeting taught by President Zackrison. He told the missionaries to teach repentance and baptize converts. It was a good meeting. The missionaries seem motivated.

We taught at the cottage meeting that evening. We talked about 2 Nephi 31. This is a great chapter. It explains the Doctrine of Christ in such wonderful language. We had good attendance.

The cottage meeting is held in a garage because it is now too big to hold in the house.

Sister Hind and a few of her friends
The elders clowning around after the cottage meeting. 
Then we went to Family Home Evening at our house. We played Family Feud. It was fun. Thank you, Pinterest!

After all that we were finally able to get on Facebook and see if our newest grandchild had been born yet. She was safely born into this world at a hefty 9lbs 13oz. That is 4.45kilo grams for those of you that understand grams better. She is beautiful! We wish we were there to hold her and snuggle her and give her mom a hug and an “atta girl”.

Beautiful Ivy Ann
We had a Zone Training Meeting this week. Still really impressed with our Zone Leaders. They are doing a great job. We could see and hear the elders responding to their leadership. This could be a great transfer. We did lunch for the Zone. We made Sloppy Joes. Didn’t hear any complaints.

Road Trip!

Driving through the beautiful African countryside with 
the Drakensberg Boys Choir playing on the radio.

We headed to Johannesburg this week to attend the temple with the Madadeni 1 Branch. They hire a taxi (15 passenger van) and leave at 2:30am on Saturday morning in order to be at the temple by 8:30am. They spend the morning in the temple and then head home in the afternoon. We on the other hand went up on Friday and then went home Saturday afternoon. This time we couldn’t get a room in the Patron’s housing so we booked a room at a B&B run by a member family. We had a nice time there. They were a lovely couple and they fed us really well.
The drive to Johannesburg was beautiful.

The charming B&B we stayed at.
The satellite dish kind of takes away some of the charm of the thatched roof.
It was good to be in the temple again. There is such a good spirit there and we were ready for some peace and quiet. We picked up a few things we needed in the Distribution Center and while we were on the temple grounds we got a phone message from the Area Auditor. The area offices are right there so we dropped into see him. He was surprised to see us. He didn’t know we were in Joburg. Anyway he wants to come to Newcastle to do some training so we will arrange a time for that and we offered our home for them to stay in while they are here.

We had an uneventful drive home and we even took a little different route just to see what it was like. We were happy to get home. It is funny that we now consider our little house in Newcastle “home”. It feels like we belong there.

Shortly after we got home the Zone Leaders came by and used our computer to get the transfer news. We are losing Elder Mvinqi and Elder Canamalla. We are getting two new elders and a greenie. We will have three in the Newcastle companionship until Elder Sixaba goes home in two weeks. We hate to see our elders leave (Elder Mvinqi has been here 7 months) but we love to meet new elders.


  1. Nice that you got to go to the temple again. When will they start building the temple in Durban they announced a while ago?