Our South African Journal

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

 We went to church at our usual time on Sunday and shortly after we got there we realized the time had changed and we didn’t need to be there until 11:00am. Elder Hind said he knew there was a change but he forgot. I don’t think I ever knew.  So anyway we enjoyed two fast and testimony meetings. The branch president asked Elder Hind to bless a baby boy so that is his 3rd baby blessing so far. He enjoys doing it but still struggles with the names.

We had a very busy Monday. The elders had a Zone Activity and wanted to go the Memel Lion Park. We have been there before for a ZA but we have a new bunch of elders so we were willing to go again. They have made some changes out there but we think the changes were for the good. We had a great time. 

A second after this picture was snapped this little darling stood up grabbed my
pant leg with her claws and bit my calf. Didn't hurt.

Oh, oh!
Elder Hind and his new friend

 In the evening we went to the cottage meeting and had a good time and then we came home to our regular Family Home Evening. Elder Hind taught the lesson. He used Jenga blocks to teach the importance of having a firm foundation in the gospel and Jesus Christ.

Elder Fransen, Elder Weiler and Elder Canamalla in an intense Jenga game
We have been busy preparing for the District Conference. Elder Hind has had a number of meetings in preparation for this conference. He is also responsible for calling everyone that is taking part in the meetings and giving them their assignments. This is no small job. There are a total of 8 meetings. The district must be divided in half and each half has its own meetings. This is done so it is not a hardship for people to attend. There are 98ks between the southern half and the northern half of our district. That is a lot of ks to travel if you have no money. So there are 4 meetings in the South and 4 meetings in the North. Elder Hind has to call all these people and give them their assignments. Their phone numbers are not always good, they can’t always understand him and he does not always understand them so this has been a major challenge. We also have to make posters, flyers and programs for the conference.

We went out with the Madadeni missionaries on Friday. This gives us a great missionary experience. They were doing follow up appointments with possible investigators. I think we were turned away from about 4 houses before we finally got into one. The one we got into was a new member so he was happy to see us. We also visited with a returning less active family which is always good. We ended the day with a FHE in Madadeni and being fed dinner by Sister Madi and her girls. Elder Hind thinks she is the best cook in the area.

Elder Hind and Sister Madi

A couple of our
little friends.

Saturday we went out to visit a family that lives just outside Newcastle. The mother has been working in Durban the last few weeks but she was back so it was nice to see the family together again. The missionaries taught a class on being a “member missionary”. At the end of the lesson they asked the family if they could refer them to someone who might be interested in the gospel. The family came up with a name of a woman that lives near them. They told us that the woman was so impressed with the kids in their family that she wanted to know what church would produce such good kids. Great way to end the lesson!


  1. The picture with the Ostrich!!!!!! ��������

  2. What is the horse looking animal with stripes? A horbra or a zorse?

  3. I don't know, the guide just told us it was not planned and that the animal is mean and cannot be trained.