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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

According to scripture the Sabbath should be a “delight”.  It has always been a delight to me. At least it is since my kids are all grown. I love to gather with my brothers and sisters and visit with them, study the gospel surrounded by my friends, learn new things, laugh with others and then go home and take a nap. I miss gathering with my children on Sunday but I look forward to when I can do that again.

 This Sunday I taught a Personal Progress lesson to the Young Women. We are learning about our Divine Nature. I made them all crowns that say “Daughter Of A King” They were happy to put them on and wear them while I took a picture.

After church we hurried on over to the Newcastle branch to teach the Temple Preparation class. Then it was home for a nap.

Monday we went to a cottage meeting in Madadeni. A cottage meeting is like FHE but it involves multiple families. It was a great meeting with a good group of people there. We couldn’t stay for refreshments because we had to hurry home for FHE in our house. We let the Newcastle elders have our keys so they could let people in if we were late. When we got there the place was jumping. We had a lot of young people from the branch (more than just the regulars) and there were about 4 investigators too. We used one of the corn hole boards and if they made it into the hole they had to answer a scripture question. They were really competitive and they had a lot of fun. The elders said they want to make our FHE the place to be for young people. These kids generally don’t have someplace to go for FHE.
Some of our Family Home Evening family
This week we really had to buckle down on some important paper work that Elder Hind has to complete. They are really loading the work on him. He is no longer Assistant District Clerk. He is now the District Clerk and has many more responsibilities. I think we are about maxed out on things we can take on. Now that school is out we won’t be working there until January but our church work  has continued to grow. They say that on a couple’s mission you work about as much as you want to. We want to work hard and that makes for a great mission. However now we are at the point where we have to make choices between the things we are asked to do. I don’t like that but we can’t be in two places at once. We are glad to be needed.

We taught our Eternal Marriage class and we learned that one of our favorite students is leaving for a job on the coast. We will miss her.

We went out with the Madadeni 2 missionaries again. It is our favorite thing to do. We tried to visit a number of people but weren’t able to find them home. At one home we visited an older woman. As Elder Mvinqi introduced us all he introduced us as his parents. That made us all laugh.

When we left one appointment we noticed that there were millions of bugs flying all over. The elders told us they hatch out of the ground whenever there is a rain storm followed by a warm, sunny day. They only live one day. They fall to the ground and lose their wings and then die. It was a night for bugs. Elder Hind found a huge rhinoceros beetle and picked it up. They are not dangerous but they are big and ugly.

Elder Jase went home this week. We saw him off at the bus station. He is such a good guy. We will miss him. On Saturday evening we got transfer news so we found out who is going and who is coming. In addition to Elder Jase, we will lose Elder Ngulube. This was his first area and he has been here 6 months so he is really ready to move on. Our new Zone Leader is Elder Canamala and our new Madadeni missionary will be Elder Tshuma.

Snacks after transfer news

Saying good bye to Elder Jase

Some of the elders saying good bye to Elder Jase
Newcastle District

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