Our South African Journal

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

 Our Neighborhood
Two or three times a week we like to go for a walk around our neighborhood in the morning. So while I walk Elder Hind runs around with a garbage sack picking up litter. People keep their personal spaces very neat and tidy but the public spaces are sometimes pretty trashy. This is made worse by the technical college just up the street from us. We have a lot of young people who walk through our neighborhood to and from school. As a result there is plenty of junk for Elder Hind to pick up during our walks.

This is the back side of the college that is in our neighborhood. They are
building some more classrooms back here

Sometimes people think he is picking up recyclables. Many people collect things that can be recycled in order to make a little money. People talk to him and ask him what he is doing. He likes to visit with people. Eventually he will probably get some contacts for the missionaries. 

I have asked him to please use gloves but he won't

This house is just two doors down from us. Four elders live in this boarding.

You can see by this tree that fall is coming here. The days are still warm but the nights are getting cool.

This is the only house in our neighborhood that does not have a fence around the front yard.
We live in a nice area but everyone has walls and fences around their front yards.

Walls and fences make it hard for missionaries to tract

This is a common tree in this area but I don't like them very much.
They aren't very attractive and they always seem to have a lot of dead limbs

This is one of my favorite trees here.

It is a kind of pine tree with long, soft needles
This is the aloe plant in my front yard. As you can see we don't have a wall, just a chain link fence.

This is a beautiful lily. I have several of these blooming in my backyard right now. 


  1. I was just thinking the same thing....gloves!!!!

  2. Dad will be happy to know that we took a walk down to our new park a mile down the road the other night and picked up trash along the way for FHE. Mom will be happy to know that we wore gloves!

  3. I had to giggle about dad carrying a plastic bag on your walks to pick up trash. Such a dad thing to do. Always the little busy body. :)